Blossom Youth


Blossom Youth Centre Makeover


Check out the photos from and see what our youth and volunteers have been up to in preparation to welcome you to our premise. Come down on 9 July 2016, 10.30 - 2pm to see their final product.



Message to you, Iron Will campers


Dear Campers,

I believe you have made new friends during these 2 days camp, building a stronger bond after working as a team to achieve your team goal. However, do continue to keep in touch.

Thank you Game Coordinators for planning the wonderful activities, getting us to burst into laughers and melt the ice berg among us during the day 1. Last but not least, not forgetting



Countdown to Iron Will 2!


The countdown to the much awaited Iron Will Camp has started. There is less than a week left to the camp!



Challenge Yourself


On 17 May, members of Blossom Youth carried out our first public outreach event 'Challenge Yourself: How well do you know me?' with the help of volunteers from Meridian Junior College. During the event, we engaged members of the public with a simple game where people are tested on their knowledge of each other. The game works by having one participant ask another something about himself/herself. Through the interaction, participants got to know more about each other and we brought home the message of the need to be more observant and tolerant in order to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the people around us.