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Grandma sat on the sofa in the living room, contented, after a full Sunday lunch. Her daughter and her husband were cleaning up the kitchen while her granddaughters and grandson were in the living room with her. As they peeled fruits for her to eat, they talked to her and made her laugh with funny stories about school and friends. Here and there, they asked for her opinions. She loved them all the more for their thoughtfulness.  

It’s the right way to spend a Sunday afternoon, Grandma thought. She felt blessed; she knew some families didn’t spend time together like this. Most kids now prefer to go out with their friends, or spend their time “talking” on the phone and computer…

Indeed, Grandma knew she was blessed.

Can Grandma’s contentment and family closeness be yours? We believe, yes; for bridging that generation gap and bringing families closer is part of what we do at Blossom World Society. And we believe it starts with the young. Our Youth development programmes, focusing on the traditional values of filial piety and gratitude, and service learning, help young people learn to see beyond themselves. It also helps them learn how to give back to society in a good way, starting with their own families.

There are, of course, challenges; and not just for the young people. In the last few years, we at Blossom World Society have sustained our operations largely through kind corporate and personal donations, we still face a challenge in funds, and will close the year with a deficit. There just isn’t enough funding to run all our good intentions, programmes and activities for the young.

So we would like to appeal to you. Your generous donation will help us recruit and educate many of our young, who in turn, will be able to give back to society in more gracious ways.

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