Join Our Volunteer Programme

Join Our Volunteer Programme

  • *Any volunteer who is being considered for an on-going assignment, and will have direct access to vulnerable children/ youths or have responsibility for money or property, will be interviewed in person.

    To Protect The Welfare Of Our Participants, Volunteers Have To Ensure the Following:
    1. All information provided herewith is true.
    2. To uphold work trust, honesty and integrity at all times.
    3. To attend the assigned work or project agreed, and provide notice for absence.
    4. To attend all the necessary training programs and relevant meetings.
    5. Not to organize any activity or meeting with the beneficiaries without prior agreement from authorized staff of Blossom World Society.
    6. To regard all information obtained during the course of my voluntary work as strictly confidential.

    I fully understand and agree that the personal information which I have provided may be disclosed to other agencies or individuals for the purpose as stated below. I trust that the information will strictly be used for the purpose stated.
    (a) Event promotion and publicity
    (b) Volunteer opportunities
    (c) Annual reports

    I agree for Blossom World Society to contact me for any other purposes related to the services Blossom World Society.

    I agree that I will not hold the organisers liable for any loss, damage, injury or death incurred during the activity.