Blossom World Bursary Scheme

Blossom World Bursary

With bursary scheme, Blossom World Society aims to assist students from low income families to continue their education and to promote a caring society. 

We have a list of low-income-family student beneficiaries. 

Come join us. Share Your Kindness and Make A Difference! 

YES! You can help by…

  • Adopting a Bursary Student
  • Donating any amounts for the bursary scheme
  • Encouraging family and friends to participate in donation
  • Sharing the post 
  • Wishing us success

Blossom bursary is open for application once a year and is presented to the beneficiaries in two disbursements.

The first disbursement was presented in 29th April 2017. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to reach out to 40 students.

The fund needed for Year 2018:

Year 2018         : One year
No. of student : depends on the fund raised
Fund                  : $600 for a primary school student
                             $800 for a secondary school student and above


To share your kindness, please click here for Online donation 


“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. ~ Aristotle”

BWS does not only assist these students financially, but also provides them with the opportunities to join our courses and camps and charity event with no charge, with the intention to instill values such as sincerity, gratitude, service and kindness in them.