FAMILY carnival 2017


Share the Joy & Fun with underprivileged families and elderly
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Do ring-toss, tic-tac-toe, shooting gallery, bean bag toss, charade, family trivia, three-legged race ring a bell to you? 
Do you want to introduce these ever-familiar activities in your growing-up years to your kids?
Fancy spending a great day with your family over good food and enjoyable games?

Come join us in this family-centred and fun-filled carnival!

Come join Blossom World Society in a family-centred fun-filled carnival event where old-school favourites and retro pastimes are made available for all in the family to get their hands on. Besides the yesteryear games and activities mentioned, closer to modern days, is a game called “Escape Room” where the entire family gets enclosed in a room and are required to solve puzzles together to get out. “Escape Room” will definitely prove to be mind-boggling and a test of each family’s strength of unity. Besides pure fun, all activities promise to help bring family members closer and foster better communications. 

Fun games need to go hand in hand with good food so expect delicious childhood snacks and delicacies such as ice-ball, ice-kacang, kueh tutu and popiah, all within easy reach on the same premises. There will also be song and dances performances by children, youth groups, and seniors too. 

So throw away all your modern day gadgets and devices, come bring your family to experience simple joy once again!


Attendees can enjoy a fun filled Sunday with their family at this carnival through

  • Games – old-school favourites, retro pastimes, ESCAPE ROOMS

- Family games : improve communication (charades, family trivia, three legged race)
- Carnival games : ring-toss, tic-tac-toe, shooting gallery, bean bag toss.
- ESCAPE ROOMS (family solve puzzles together to get out of an enclosed room)

  • Food – Local and modern delights, traditional snacks, novelty desserts such as Ice Ball, Ice Pop, Tutu Kueh, DIY Popiah
  • Performances - Performances by Children, Youths and Seniors


Event Highlights

Event Highlights<


A Sneak Peek to our FAMILY carnival event! 

 Testimonials from past Family Carnival

“Very meaningful event, would definitely support future similar events” – Janet Tan

“拉近了家人之间的距离,可鼓励家人都参与。” – 1905

Event Details

Date & Time: 25th June 2017, Sunday (11am – 5pm)

Venue: Big Box, Event Hall Level 3, 1 Venture Ave, S(608521)





It is a joint event by Blossom World Society (BWS), an IPC organisation. Established since 2008, BWS is dedicated to instill moral values and a sense of gratitude in young people. Our goal is to inspire a gracious generation that contributes positively to family, society and country. Blossom Seeds Ltd (BSL), an IPC organisation that promotes the spirit of giving, love and kindness for the seniors in the society, regardless of race, language or religion. Blossom Seeds Ltd has the mission to build an integrated support system for seniors and care-givers to live within the community as to support lonely and needy senior heartlanders, to “age-in-place” and integrate with the society.