Blossom 2018 CNY Charity Drive

Do you know of any family or any living-alone elderly in need but don’t have the means to help? Here is an opportunity to show you care.

Blossom World Society is distributing:
1) SGD100 red packet to elderly with financial difficulties
2) SGD150 red packet together with SGD60 worth of grocery to families with average income of SGD625 or less
*each family is only entitled to one application
*priority will be given to families/elderly who are currently not receiving financial aid from other sources

Please apply through our office hotline 6464 5117 or contact Vivien Lim @ 8228 1312

Click here to download the application form.

 Act now ! 
Show your Kindness & Make a Difference in Life.

Closing date of application: 30/10/2017



  • Quantity of gift packs will depend on the funds raised. We will prioritise those who needs the most help based on that quantity.
  • We appreciate all your help in helping those in need to contact Blossom World Society to aid them in receiving the help they deserve.

We hope that this small acts of kindness will fill all corners of Singapore with warmth and happiness!




喜悦世界协会”取诸社会,用诸社会”,将于2018年进行爱心派送,协助社会有需要的人士 。

1) $100 的红包赠送给经济上有困难的年长者
2) $150 的红包及价值 $60 的礼包赠送给有需要的家庭

分发日期 : 4/2/2018

申请条件 : 
i) 家庭成员平均一人收入 $625 或以下
   * 每个家庭只限呈交一份申请表格
ii) 未获得其他社会援助者将被优先考慮

申请方式: 请联络喜悦世界协会,电话64645117 或 林俐妤 8228 1312


申请截止日期: 30/10/2017



  • 礼包的数量将根据所筹得的善款而定,喜悦将依照该数量来筛选最有需要的家庭颁发礼包
  • 感恩您及亲友协助有需要的人士联络喜悦世界协会