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Blossom Kids

We believe in starting young when moulding a child’s character. In Blossom Children, wisdom and moral ethics of Sages are integrated to the hearts of children through interesting classes and camps.



Blossom Youth

Encouraging young people from all walks of life to join us in bringing warmth and hope to every corner of the world. Let us start from nurturing kindness and gratitude as well as the willingness to serve our parents and community.



Blossom Community

We believe a nurturing environment is best for young people to learn traditional values. We believe too, building that environment is a collective effort from everyone – family and society. Our events are planned with this in mind so we can encourage everyone, including the general public, to share.



Blossom Campaign

Lend your helping hand to those in need and create a rippling effect to pass on the power of kindness.  Join us in our fundraising campaign in adopting a Bursary or Goodie Bag package.