Blossom Kids

This programme caters to children between 4 and 12 years old – who are the youth of tomorrow, and also our future stakeholders. Here, we educate them on traditional values and moral principles as taught by the wise Sages such as Confucius and Mencius.


Chinese Classical Enrichment Class

Integrating the wisdom and moral ethics of sages into the hearts of children through recitation of Chinese classics.

◙  Age: 4 – 9 years old     ◙  Language Medium: Mandarin     ◙  Weekly

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Blossom Seedlings Camp

Experiential journey to discover the Beauty of how Nature is closely knitted to us.


◙  Age: 4 – 10 years old     ◙  Language Medium: Mandarin     ◙  June School Holiday


Blossom Children’s Holiday Camp

To promote moral values and inspire kindness
What a child really needs is to have good moral character. Therefore, seize this opportunity to inspire his filial piety, benevolence, wisdom, to become a future leader of the country.

◙  Age: 6 – 12 years old     ◙  Language Medium: Mandarin     ◙  December holiday period



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GWL_5727 Mid-Autumn Celebration @ Toh Yi Hardcourt 2017.09.23 Speech & Drama - The Magic Stone Speech & Drama – The Magic Stone Graduation 2017.09.23 My Teacher, My Country My Teacher, My Country 2017 – Thank you Teacher 2017.09.05 IMG_6290 FAMILY Carnival 2017 2017.07.01 blossom world goodie bag distribution 2017 Hari Raya Goodie Bag Distribution 2017.06.10 Blossom Seedlings Camp Blossom Seedlings Camp 2017.06.10 Blossom World Society Flag Day Appreciation Day 2017 2017.05.27 Blossom World Bursary Blossom World Bursary Presentation Ceremony Apr 2017 2017.04.29 Blossom World Volunteers' Get Together Volunteers’ Get Together 2017.03.25 DSC_0190 copy More Than Words 2017.02.22 PS7_5120 copy Blossom Love Charity Gala Lunch 2017 2017.02.16 Goodie Distribution 2017 CNY Goodie Bag Distribution 2017.01.14 IMG_6588 Charity Carwash 2017 2017.01.13 G54A6733 copy 2016 IRONWILL Youth Camp 2016.12.11 Children's Holiday Camp 2016 Children’s Holiday Camp 2016.12.04 珍贵的亲子关系 17/9 “爱心庆中秋”亲子共乐 2016.09.17 Walk With The Elderly @ Gardens By The Bay on 30 July 2016 Walk With The Elderly @ Gardens By The Bay 2016.07.30 1 [家长讲座] 好孩子是教出来的 2016.07.17 28150783692_9265dfb17b_o Blossom Youth Centre @ Toh Yi Drive 2016.07.09 Goodie Bag Distribution Hari Raya Hamper Distribution 2016.06.25 SONY DSC Blossom Youth Centre Makeover 2016.06.06 SONY DSC 2016 Blossom Seedlings Camp @ GUI 2016.06.10 IMG_2824 copy 2016 Blossom World Flag Day 2016.05.21 Sungei Buloh Coastal Cleanup Sungei Buloh Coastal Cleanup 2016.05.07 Blossom Bursary Ceremony Blossom Bursary Ceremony 2016.04.30 SONY DSC Go Green Experiential Journey 2016.04.12 25723624990_6b903fcf7c_z We Love Singapore- LEGACY 2016.03.19 _DD24233 Blossom Love Charity Lunch (2016) 2016.02.14 Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.26.46 PM 2016 Family Reunion Day 2016.02.20 SONY DSC The Joy of Kneading Glutinous Rice Ball – Blossom Children 2016.01.30 25001253974_6a37e68f0d_z 2016 CNY Goodie Bags distribution 2016.01.21 4 2015 Blossom World Flag Day 2015.12.26 Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.15.50 pm 2015 Children’s Holiday Camp 2015.12.18 SONY DSC IRONWILL @ FUNkitchen 2015.12.05 IMG_5142 copy 3 Day Community Programme for ACS (International) 2015.11.20 FT6A0521 copy Our Volunteer Teachers 2015.09.05 groupphoto Storytelling Training Workshop 2015.08.29 Blossom Children Classical Reading Class Graduation Ceremony 2015.08.15 FT6A0092 My Teacher, My Country 2015.08.15 11825224_929573813767563_544837288758382132_n Overseas Trip to Batam 2015.07.25 _MG_0584 copy I Love You Always 2015.06.27 G54A0581 Iron Will Youth Camp 2015 2015.06.21 16099045877_c0b1bdecda_o Iron Will Youth Camp 2014 2015.05.29 GJK_7823 Blossom Youth – Challenge Yourself! 2015.05.27 G54A3027 copy Blossom Children- Graduation photos 2015.05.27 IMG_3605 copy Service in Action with CCHS 2015.05.27 Young Children's Camp Blossom Seedlings Camp 2015.03.30 Chinese Classical Reading Chinese Classical Enrichment Class 2015.03.30 Children Holiday's Camp 2015 2014 Children’s Holiday Camp 2015.01.16 Jamaiyah Children's Home Christmas Party @ Jamaiyah Children’s Home 2014 2014.10.03