·         While in Blossom Youth Centre premises, all visitors must comply with our Rules and Regulations

·         Please be aware that staff / volunteer on duty may access the room at any time.

·         Please leave the room in the condition it was found, at the end of your session.

·         Any queries or problems should be reported to the staff / volunteer on duty. 


Blossom Youth Centre (BYC) is designed to offer educational, recreational, and extracurricular opportunities for youth aged 13-35. BYC is designed to build self-confidence; self-esteem, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests, and have fun.

BYC currently opens to public aged 13-35 on every Friday, 2pm – 6pm (For MUG @ Blossom, it is opened on every Monday to Friday, closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays, 6pm – 10pm for students aged 13-25). To help keep the atmosphere at BYC comfortable for all youth, the following rules have been created:


1.       Sign in and out with the staff/ volunteer on duty

2.       Please be considerate to other users. Violence of any kind is unacceptable. Loud arguments, name calling, threats, harassment, physical contact and/ or any other signs BULLYING are NOT allowed.

3.       Respect yourself and others. Degrading racial, ethnic, sexist, or religious remarks or SWEARING is not welcomed here.

4.       No practices of ANY form of religious activity.

5.       Be responsible to ALL BYC facilities and property around you. Destruction, vandalism, or theft in whatever form is not allowed. Anyone deliberately abusing, misusing or breaking equipment will be expected to pay for a replacement. Please report any accidental breakages to staff; you will not be penalised for that. Any theft incidents will be reported as a police case.

6.       Behaviours associated with the possession or use of drugs and alcohol are not allowed.

7.       Noise must remain at a comfortable level for everyone.

8.       Do share/ take turns when playing games.

9.       Clean up after yourself. This includes the dishes you use and any board games you use.

10.   Smoking in and around the centre is prohibited.

11.   No explicit pornographic material is allowed at BYC.

12.   No gambling of any kind.


-       Do not leave your valuable unattended at all times. Blossom World Society (BWS) will not be held liable for any lost or damage to the items. You may wish to lock your personal belonging with the locker provided (but bring your own lock).

-       BWS will not be responsible for any injuries/ accidents.

-       BWS reserves the right to stop unruly users who do not comply with the rules and regulations from entering BYC.

-       BWS reserves the right to alter the rules & regulations without prior notice.

-       All rules & regulations must be in conjunction with the standard as stipulated in BWS constituency.


BWS premises is under CCTV surveillance.

Report any suspicious activity or person to the service counter.