We believe in starting young when moulding a child’s character. 


Seedling 4-6 Years Old


Di Zi Gui



Holiday Camps


Outdoor Activity


Di Zi Gui《弟子规》Class

 The standards for being a good student and child.

Through the importance of recitation of the Chinese Classics, we help impart Sages’ wisdom and moral ethics to these young minds.




  • Reading recital,
  • Songs,
  • Games,
  • Art & Craft,
  • Parent-child activity



Upcoming Classes


To teach a child about selfless love and kindness, one must practise it.


 Holiday Camps

The 2-day camp will provide an opportunity for the participants to cultivate positive values and experience teamwork through engaging activities guided by youth befrienders.  The camp includes a parents’ seminar and parent-child activity.

Language Medium: English


Upcoming Holidays Camp


Family outdoor activity - Seedlings Camp

This activity provides an opportunity for participants to appreciate Nature and enhances their family cohesion.


Upcoming Seedlings Camp