We believe in starting young when moulding a child’s character. 


Seedling 4-6 Years Old


Di Zi Gui



Holiday Camps


Outdoor Activity


Di Zi Gui《弟子规》Class

 The standards for being a good student and child.

Through the importance of recitation of the Chinese Classics, we help impart Sages’ wisdom and moral ethics to these young minds.




  • Reading recital,
  • Songs,
  • Games,
  • Art & Craft,
  • Parent-child activity



Upcoming Classes


To teach a child about selfless love and kindness, one must practise it.


 Holiday Camps

Our world is changing and becoming increasingly complex and unsafe. Hence, it is of great importance to help our young to develop practical skills for mindfulness and learn how to cope with the changes as well as become agents for social change.

The 2-day camp will provide an opportunity for the participants to cultivate positive values and experience teamwork through engaging activities guided by youth befrienders.  The camp includes a parents’ seminar and parent-child activity.

Language Medium: English


Upcoming Holidays Camp


Family outdoor activity - Seedlings Camp

This activity provides an opportunity for participants to appreciate Nature and enhances their family cohesion.


Upcoming Seedlings Camp