Commence Plastic Reduction (CPR)

A youth initiated project under the guidance of Blossom World Society (BWS).

It will be a 13-month (June 2018 to July 2019) long event that aims to create the awareness on the harm that plastic or single-use plastic is causing to climate change, the beach and ocean habitat, and most importantly, marine lives.

Let's work towards a reduced single-use plastic lifestyle at your own commitment!


Our cause:

To promote the reduction of single-use plastic in Singapore in the year of the Climate Action SG because our plastic waste is becoming a serious problem.

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The problems of plastic wastes has been aggravating over the last decade, where we start to see not just one Pacific Garbage Patch in the ocean, but 5 of them in the other oceans. Turtles, dolphins, whales to fishes and oysters that we eat have been found to be either dying or hurting from the consumption of plastic wastes or with plastic compounds in their bodies. The infamous midway island birds are found to be mistaking colourful, small plastic items as food and not only consuming for themselves, but giving to their young as food. The imaging of young chicks dying from starvation despite feeling full is truly heart-breaking.

Who Are We?

Earth loving individuals that wants to spread awareness on the reduction of single-use plastic

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What will we do?

  • Engage education institutes and their students

  • Conduct coastal clean-ups

  • Outreach campaigns to the general public

  • Share alternatives to single-use plastic

What can you do?

  • Join us as our organising committee

  • Volunteer during our programmes

  • Donate for the cause

  • Connect us to companies/organisations/institutes/people of interest

Let us embrace our ocean with love.