-        Why organise a cleaning and painting event?

Home is a place where one rests, relaxes and recharges. This is an initiative fronted by Blossom World Society’s youth volunteers in collaboration with volunteers from Zhenghua Community Club Youth Executive Committee, Zhenghua Senja RC and Zhenghua- Senja View RC. The aim is to improve the hygiene conditions of the selected households from the rental blocks at Senja Road. We believe that a little bit of cleanup and a fresh coat of paint will help improve the hygiene conditions and also liven up the mood of the residents staying there.  

We hope that through this project, the volunteering experience can be deepened through befriending. In the process, beautiful friendships can be formed between the volunteers and the beneficiaries, creating meaningful memories as part of our quest to show our gratitude to what we possess in life.


-        How many volunteers are required?

We are looking at 20 households to begin with. A group of about 6-8 volunteers to each households is ideal, depending on the area of work we are covering. 


-        I have not done anything like this before, what should I take note of? / How can I be involved?

We need some cleaning wizards, painting artists and cheerful individuals to be part of our project. We are not cleaning and painting professionals but individuals who thrive to give the best to others.

Inexperienced? Fret not! A briefing will be conducted prior to the project for the benefit of all participating volunteers. Just relax, and enjoy the journey with us in sharing your kindness to make a difference!


-        What attired should I wear?

A kindness tee-shirt will be given to all volunteers who are joining us for this project.