IRONWILL Youth Camp was so named in the hope that all teenagers can find the strength, courage and positive energy to overcome challenges that they will face in life.  

This is a 2-day training camp organized by young people for teenagers aged 13 – 16. We will explore the themes of leadership, teamwork, understanding of self and others, and service to the community. It is an opportunity for participants to unleash their potential through interacting with a group of young mentors who are full of drive and vitality.

Every IRONWILL Youth Camp, we will be bringing in exciting changes, so do stay tuned! Participants from previous editions of IRONWILL can expect new games, lessons and reflections, and are encouraged to join us again.

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What you can expect

An conducive learning group size with facilitator close to your age.


Creativity unleashed 




Check out what our past campers of 2016 have to say:  

Focus on my goals and pursue it, meanwhile on my way pursuing it, I should use the formula (O + A) effectively.

I was able to play a part in group activities and strategize with my group members. I realised that I did not listened well and get annoyed easily.
To get out of your comfort zone. To take leadership and understanding of each team members. Give clearer instructions or details.

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