Adopt a Goodie Bag

Join BWS to help spread your joy of CNY festivities to underprivileged families and elderly. 

Interested to become one of  the Donors to help make the world a better place for all?

(A) 65 sets of Needy Family Package worth SGD210 each, consisting of Goodie Bag worth SGD60 & Red Packet of SGD150

(B) 30 sets of Living-alone Elderly Red Packet of SGD100


We look forward to Sharing Kindness and  Making a Difference with you!



  • Quantity of gift packs will depend on the funds raised. We will prioritise those who needs the most help based on that quantity.
  • We appreciate all your help in helping those in need to contact Blossom World Society to aid them in receiving the help they deserve.

We hope that this small acts of kindness will fill all corners of Singapore with warmth and happiness!



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Blossom World Flag Day

We seek your support to help us raise the much needed funds through our Adopt-a-Tin initiative. You can choose to adopt one or more tins @$50 per tin in support of our flag day. 

You can also volunteer as a tin bearer. Visit for more information on how you can volunteer. Your generosity will help us to continue in running our programmes. All amount donated will go into the youth development funds, operation and cost of programme of the Society.

Together with your help, we CAN inspire more YOUTH to make the world a better place!

PayNow - UEN: T08SS0161K001  ( For tax deductible receipt, please WhatsApp your transaction details to hp 9627 9880.)

You may choose to donate online or send us a cheque payable to ‘ Blossom World Society ’ and mail it to:

Blossom World Society

9 Toh  Yi Drive, #01-321

Singapore 590009

For tax-exempt purposes [2.5 times tax deduction on personal income tax], please include the following on the reverse side of the cheque:

  • Indicate “Adopt-A-Tin”

  • NRIC/ FIN number

  • Mobile number

  • Your mailing address

For any enquiries or further clarification, do not hesitate to contact Joanne at  64645116 or

You can also volunteer as a tin bearer

Date: Saturday, 27 April 2019

Time (shift): AM: 9am - 2pm, PM: 1pm - 6pm, Full Shift: 9am - 6pm (Please join us at your preferred shift)

Description of Roles: 

Raising funds via flag-selling, promoting Blossom World Society. Volunteers can go to different parts of Singapore for fund-raising as this is an island wide event. Volunteers are to collect and return their donation tins at their chosen station.


Project CPR

(Commence Plastic Reduction)

Youth from Blossom World Society initiated a project, Project CPR (Commence Plastic Reduction) with aims to (1) create the awareness on the harm that plastic or single-use plastic is causing to climate change, (2) the beach and ocean habitat, and most importantly, (3) save marine lives.

In order to willingly reduce such single-use plastic items in life, we have to first educate and raise awareness in the hearts of people on the harm we are causing to the Earth, animal lives and ultimately, ourselves. With that, a series of programmes as follows to commence plastic reduction:

  • Engage education institutes and their students

  • Conduct coastal clean-ups

  • Outreach campaigns to the general public

  • Share alternatives to single-use plastic

Please donate to support Project CPR on the cause of spreading awareness on the reduction of single-use plastic as we believe that by seeing the harmful impacts of using single-use plastic can we then willingly make the effort in reducing the consumption of such products.

Read more about us @

*Net surplus of the fundraising event will fund Blossom World Society's operating expenses.