What are we up to?


Tried and tested by our own befrienders, this year’s children camp proves to be more fun and meaningful!

Activities to be featured in this year’s camp consist of classics like ‘Traffic light’ and Musical chairs but with moral values incorporated as key learning points! Other games like ‘Pretending you were in that scene’ are thought-provoking, allowing participants to think and reflect on their actions during the game. A lot of learning is going to happen on the spot. More games like... oops too much information is going to spoil the fun for your children!

Learning through play is one of the best ways to absorb and apply new information learnt! Look at our volunteers having so much fun in preparation for BWS 10th Annual Children Holiday's Camp on 25 & 26 Nov!

The ability to empathize is the one of the best skills anyone can ever possess. It is highly beneficial for children to gain exposure to it. This is because at a tender age, they have less inhibitions and rigidities in mindset serving as obstacles in their quest to learn new concepts and essential skills.

The lesson was truly delightful and enjoyable. Children will definitely find it fun!

Register your children for BWS’ 2 day children camp and watch your child develop skills such as the ability to empathize and become a well-rounded individual! http://www.blossomworld.sg/news/10thjlgchc/