Blossom Home Refresh

A youth led project under the guidance of Blossom World Society (BWS).

It will be an annual BWS flagship event to enhance intergeneration cohesion and understanding through acts of service towards the pioneer generation via ‘refreshing’ their households.

‘Clean a Home, Paint a Smile’


Through a direct act of service towards the elderly, we aim to achieve 3 levels of development: personal, interpersonal and the community. Via small acts of cleaning and painting the houses of the elderly, we aim to nurture kindness amongst the volunteers to appreciate the hard work of our pioneer generation. They too will become old. Hence, enhancing intergeneration cohesion and understanding. This is especially pertinent when ageing population is prevalent in Singapore. Lastly, through this project, we aim to inspire more to start giving, either to the elderly or other under privileged people in Singapore.


What have we done?

We have benefitted more than 72 households and attracted more than 634 volunteers thus far.

Testimonials of volunteers:

“Although this process is tiring however it is fruitful. It opened up my horizons to notice the lower income families and reach out to them when needed”

A learning point from student of West Spring Secondary School, 15 years old


“We should be grateful for what we have and help others where possible as not everyone gets what they need.”

Nelson, 26 years old


“There are real people around us who needs care. We all can play our role to make difference in others’ life.”

Saif, 33 years old

What can you do?

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late
— Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • You are encouraged to commit throughout this event to get the most out of your volunteering experience.

  • Note: Lunch, a tee-shirt and CIP hours (if applicable) will be provided. There will also be a briefing and training session prior to the event, in which we will inform volunteers at a later date.