[BY EXCO] Invaluable insights on funding-raising issues.


We are pleased to invite Mr Aw Cheow Thiam, Chairman of Blossom Seeds Pte Ltd to give Blossom Youth Executive Committee (Exco) Members invaluable insights on funding-raising issues from the Charity/ VWOs point of view in Singapore. Mr Aw possesses many years of working experience with different charities. Through his sharing, it will better equip Blossom Youth Exco members with the necessary skills and understanding to present content that is relevant and concise when applying for sponsorships and funding for Blossom World Society’s (BWS) youth-initiated projects which seeks to address the needs and benefit the disadvantaged, children, elderly, the environment, etc.

Our evening was well spent with Mr Aw listening to his sharing on obtaining funding from external organizations, learning the essentials in writing sponsorship and fundraising letters such as the structure, highlighting of important details, ensuring that the letter is short and concise, choice of appropriate words especially those with similar meanings, and riding onto endorsements (agencies and public figures) to strengthen our proposal and many more...

The sharing ended on a happy note and we're so looking forward to his next sharing session.

Very insightful! Learnt a lot of tips in writing sponsorship letters and how to tap on our organizational strengths further. Mr Aw’s kind intention to volunteer also touched my heart and inspired me to carry on bringing warmth to the less privileged. One takeaway is that for every event, we need to make sure that beneficiaries, volunteers and donors are happy. Will bear this in mind. Hope to attend more of such sessions in future!
— Yan Ning, Chairman of Blossom Youth Executive Committee
Accurate points and very applicable to ‘REAL’ letter writing. The most crucial part of the sharing is for letter writers to understand what the potential sponsors think, feel, and respond in these three stages: RECEIVE your letter, READ the details and decide on their Response. This will make the difference and determine whether you get what you are asking for.
— Jun Yi, Youth Project Leader