Fruitful Discussion with Our Advisor

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We are very grateful to Ms Sim Ann, Advisor to Blossom World Society for a fruitful discussion.

Ms Sim had some kind words of encouragement for the work that we are doing:
We are the tireless farmers of our heart and soul, continuously cultivating and bringing greenery to what was once a boundless, arid desert.

Established since 2008, BWS is dedicated to providing a platform for the younger generation to develop good moral values, character and kindness. In the process, you can get to know more about yourself by understanding your personal motivations, values, desires, talents and strengths. Uncovering these personal insights provides the foundation for successful leadership.

We bring together younger generation of all races and religions in Singapore who are keen to volunteer their services for the underprivileged. In the course of having youths plan and run BWS' events, we seek to hone vital leadership qualities in the younger generation in the hope that they will contribute back to the community.

Our wish is to inspire youths to aspire to enrich the lives of others

BWSMs Sim Ann