What is the journey of a Blossom World Youth Development Programme?

We believe every youth has a potential in them towards a gracious generation that contributes positively to family, society and country. Hence, we aim to build a generation of youths who do not focus solely on personal achievements such as academic success, but possess strength of character with the rights values as well.

Youth may embark their Blossom Youth Development Programme to explore their potential creatively, enhance responsibility, participate in multidisciplinary activities that promote character development, and strength their competencies in community service, leadership, and various sets of skill.

Please refer to more details under Structure of our Blossom Youth Progression.

What are the requirements to join the programme?

Please refer to more details under Structure of our Blossom Youth Progression.

How can Blossom World Youth Development Programme help to complement my non-academic school requirements?

Your contributions and participations in Blossom World Society not only can complement your non-academic requirements in school such as LEAPS 2.0 (CCA system) and National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA), you can also learn useful life skills which would be handy in the future such as working on projects with other people.

Further read on MOE LEAPS 2.0

About NYAA requirements

What you can expect from the Blossom Youth Development Programme?

It is our mission to empower individuals (especially YOUths) with knowledge and skills to lead, and serve. We hope to provide youths a learning platform to enhance your personal skill sets at the same time, building stronger character.

You will be also exposed to our training such as:
• Interpersonal Skills Training
• Interview Skills Training
• Positive Influencing Skills Training (Persuading, Negotiating, Influencing)
• Financial Management Training

Upon completion Stage 3 and above, you will be awarded a Certificate of Acknowledgement. For students who are studying, this programme can also complement your non-academic school requirements (such as NYAA)

What is the commitment level required of volunteers?

As our youth leaders, we hope that our volunteers will be able to commit for a minimum period of three months to one year so one can be exposed to executing project under training and mentorship. However, we also have projects and events which are suitable for people who wish to volunteer on an ad hoc or one-time basis such as fundraising events/ community services etc.

Who conducts the programme?

The courses are conducted by school teachers, doctors, psychologist, entrepreneurs, outward bound trainer and other professionals.

How much must I pay to join?

Membership is absolutely FREE! =)