Coastal Cleanup @ ECP


It’s a beautiful Saturday to get out of the house and embrace Mother Nature in a different way: By taking the initiative to clean up the environment. At the same time, we can get some exercise, inhale some fresh air and appreciate one another for the meaningful work that we have put in.

We are so happy and honoured to have 100 overs of like-minded people like you from all over the world, of different races, Diploma Marine Engineering Association Bangladesh Singapore (DMEABS), Essentra, Metropolitan Management Services Pte Ltd and Singapore Polytechnic Wakeboarding Club for joining us on 18 November 2017, Saturday. We hope that everyone had a wonderful experience in working collectively to keep the environment clean. As the environment belongs to everyone of us, we can continue to maintain a clean environment by reducing plastic usage in our everyday lives such as plastic bags, straws, etc.

Take away from the coastal cleanup project:

It was not just a typical cleanup activity. It involves the "cleaning" of our mindset towards plastic usage. Every piece of plastic that we picked up may indirectly save a live. In doing so, we also cultivate in ourselves the
(1) Right understanding of the reason to protect the environment.
(2) Right Thought of why we need to do it.
(3) Right Mindfulness whenever we use any plastic item.
(4) Right Action to show our action through this event and apply it to our daily lives.
Ultimately we will possess a beautiful loving heart to protect the environment.

We also wish to express our sincere gratitude to our community partners: National Youth Council, Young ChangeMakers, Sustainable Singapore, Singapore Kindness Movements for contributing in one way or another in supporting our Save Earth, Save Lives, Save Ourselves project - Interactive Exhibition that held at One Raffles Place on 13 November 2017 and Coastal cleanup.