11th Joyous Learning Grove Children Holiday Camp


A child’s development is enhanced when they are encouraged to explore new skills through play. Awarding them intrinsically inspire a sense of accomplishment, in further enhancing positive learning and behaviours.

Using drama as a form of learning has revolutionized how children and their parents learn about one another and improve parent-child relationship through the systematic process of understanding, experience and iterative thinking which eventually builds strong values in them. All these contributed towards the formation of harmonious families and a gracious society.

This year, the theme of BWS 11th Annual Children Holiday Camp "Beyond Love" exhibits the boundless love of parents. Through interaction and family bonding since young, it helps children to be appreciative and helps develop the awareness that all opportunities and privileges that they possessed derived from their parents' love and kindness. It also acts as a reminder that when one is in desperate situation, our parents are there to help and will still love and care for us.

“Some memories cannot be forgotten, and they remain ever so vivid and heartwarming many years later!”

Since year 2008, BWS have embarked in the journey of building character, nurturing kindness and it has been remarkable when we see how children grow and become our youth volunteers, contributing back to Society and serving the community.


Sharing a quote from one of our befriender: "My 6th year at BWS Annual Children Camp (since 2012)! Can’t help but notice the growth in the children (some children joined the camp annually, like me) and I feel like a proud sister watching them grow."

Looking forward to see the younger ones growing up as a leader.

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