Gai Gai with the Elderly


“Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows”

As a people too, we should look after the elderly, as we are the beneficiaries of their labours
— Prime Minister Lee, in 15 February 2018 Chinese New Year Message

As the Chinese saying goes "前人种树后人乘凉", the elderly in our society have put in their hard work to bear the comforts that we enjoy today.


“It is important, in any community engagement, that we understand the views and culture of our beneficiaries. We believe that this event had impacted our committee and volunteers in some ways. We hope to make more impact in the future”
- Azfar Wafa, Organising Committee Team (Overall Coordinator)


It all started with an idea to bring different generations together as a community after the youth development camp in January. It is always encouraging to witness our youth leaders putting in what they have learnt in theory into application initiated their first ever project - 'Gai-Gai' with the Elderly to serve and appreciate the pioneer generation.


More than 25 like-minded youth volunteers and 50 elderlies from Brighthill Evergreen Home were gathered on a beautiful Sunday on 8 April. Quality time was spent together through a series of games and interactive sessions. It was truly heart-warming to witness a scene of youth volunteers serving the elderly with sincerity and heart-felt gratitude. Although the time spent was limited, the warm company that the volunteers have brought to the elderly goes a long way.


Why 'Gai Gai with the elderly' then? Being cooped up in the nursing home, the elderly rarely get the opportunity to go shopping. Hence, the committee team decided to bring the elderly out for a walk and shopping trip to the nearby NTUC and high tea in Koufu where our volunteers are able to further interact, appreciate and serve our pioneer generation. Similarly, it also allows the elderly to enjoy a short 'getaway' from their nursing home.



This project set out to cultivate the appreciation for the pioneer generation amongst our community. We are deeply humbled and amazed that our volunteers truly embodied the values of Blossom World Society - Sincerity, Kindness, Gratitude and Service. It was definitely a very meaningful Sunday for both the volunteers and the elderly. The successful end of this event marks the continuation of Project 'Gai Gai with the Elderly'. A big thank you to all the volunteers who came and your acts of thoughtfulness have undoubtedly brought happiness to all the elderly. Do continue to spread your kindness and make a difference in society! Let us work together to inspire more to create a gracious society :)


“This project has truly brought a point to note that the true effort lies within all team members. Without their constant commitment and effort towards it, the project would not have been able to launch on time”
- Anjelina Teh, Organising Committee Team (Overall Coordinator)