Hari Raya Puasa’ Goodie Bags Distribution 2018

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Slightly more than 72 hours has elapsed since the mid-year of 2018, yet another round of Goodie Bag Distribution was concluded. From the previous sentence, you might be able to infer that this is probably the Nth time which Blossom World Society is organizing a Goodie Bag Distribution. However, the very fact that it is always held on weeks before major festivities adds another level of significance to it.

On top of bringing food, necessities and the human touch of care and concern to communities in need during festivities, Blossom World Society’s Goodie Bag Distribution also sends a subliminal message to the greater community on a new way to celebrate festivities. One of the objectives of celebration is to create happiness, and while the beneficiaries feel happy through receiving goodie bags and the warmth from our volunteers, our volunteers are also immersed in the celebrations as happiness and satisfaction is also generated within them, as you can see from the volunteer's sharing below:

"This is my 1st time volunteering in ‘Hari Raya Puasa’ Goodie Bags Distribution organized by Blossom World Society on 3rd June 2018.  I was very happy to be part of this joyous event where I could see the smiling faces of all the beneficiaries and also felt their warmth hearted when they were receiving this special gifts from the organizer."
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The goal of Blossom World is to inspire a gracious generation that contributes positively to family, society and country. We will continue to provide and enhance our programmes, in the hope that we can join forces to create sustained happiness for us and the people around us for the long-term.