Blossom Seedlings Camp


It was a bright and sunny day on the 9th of June, 30 parents and children set off from Blossom World Society  to Bollywood Veggies, also known as ‘Heaven’ to some.

Upon arrival, they enjoyed a tour of the orchard and delved into the world of flora and fauna, tasting little purple flowers, recognising the different species of bananas and a source of dye bestowed by Mother Nature: the red Mexican fruit. 

Lipstick Plant (the red fruits of this tree are used to make red body paint and lipstick)

Lipstick Plant (the red fruits of this tree are used to make red body paint and lipstick)

There was also an experiential activity for both parents and children as they took to the fields to hand-plant rice seedlings under the hot sun, experiencing firsthand the everyday toil and hard work of farmers to appreciate them even more for the food that we have on our table. They also made use of the natural colouring from flowers to create cute little bags.


During lunchtime, they were treated to the flavours of the garden and also created their very own lemongrass drink from the lemongrass grown by Bollywood Veggies. 

This activity enabled both parents and children to learn about and appreciate how much Mother Nature has sought to benefit them and in turn, to develop gratitude and to contribute back to Mother Nature.


2018喜悦幼苗营@Bollywood Veggie