Engagement @ River Valley High School

I really enjoyed getting to meet amazing and proactive students during the school engagement session at river valley high school. I am grateful for the chance to work in this innovative and eye opening campaign to promote environmental change. The enthusiasm of the students in eagerly wanting to learn more of the habits they could follow to reduce plastic usage makes #UnchokingGaia a more feasible and comprehendible mission. Developing environmentally friendly habits amongst students was a gratifying experience but it would be a truly rewarding feeling when the students start to put these habits into practice.”
— Charles Lishakavin, Youth Programme Intern

Did you know that there are more micro-plastics in the ocean than stars in the Milky Way?

Currently we produce 300 million tonnes of plastics per year; this is equal to the weight of the entire adult population! Half of these plastics produced are single use, often used for only a few seconds before being discarded.

To end plastic pollution, both preventive and reparative measures must be under taken. To play our part in comprehending preventive measures, we had a poster exhibition to educate students on single-use plastics usage and its effects on our delicate ecosphere. To tackle reparative measures we had signups for an upcoming coastal clean up to create a platform for students to clean up already plastic-polluted environments.

Many students re-attempted the poster quiz to ensure they were fully aware of the previously attained knowledge from the poster exhibition. These efforts made by the students to re -attempt the quiz despite not given any merits to do so, made us realise that students are willing and want to play their part in educating themselves of the environment.

These measures have convinced the students the importance of the impending danger that waits the future generation if no actions were taken to tackle this problem. We hope that this zeal in wanting to save the environment spreads to the wider community to hopefully Unchoke Gaia.

The one thing that connects us all is our wonderful planet.  We strongly believe that the only thing that we should all worry about is how to keep this blue marble in shape so that many other generations can experience its beauty.