Blossom Bursary Ceremony


This year marks the last time which Blossom World is awarding the Blossom Bursary Award. A total of 41 students bursary awards were given out to our youth of today and tomorrow for educational levels ranging from Primary School to University.

In every bursary ceremony, BWS aims to bring across the message of appreciating the recipients’ parents who have contributed selflessly over the years for their children. It is even easier for the recipients to relate to this all-important message as the ceremony falls on the eve of Mother’s Day this year.

Other than providing financial support for the students, BWS also aims to help them plant a good cause for the future. Education is the force capable of transporting lives from darkness to light. May they strive harder and help others in need and continue the kindness boomerang effect.

It’s goodbye for now. See you next time.