Camp Gratitude/ Kindness 2019


Dear Parents,


It was a great pleasure meeting and getting to know your children at our recent Camp Kindness/ Gratitude!


At Blossom World, we strongly believe in developing a WHOLE child through the provision of a positive and inclusive learning environment and a strong collaborative partnership with families and communities. Our goal is to inspire a gracious generation that contributes positively to family, society and country.


For the past 3 years, we have been working with our partner, The Learning Connections (TLC), to inspire and inculcate moral and life values in children through the use of drama-in-education. We have facilitated drama camps/ workshops for children and parents, to bring about a greater awareness of these values as living values and how they can be translated into actions in our lives.


TLC’s approach to learning encourages children to imagine creatively, explore actively, think critically and problem solve collaboratively. The learning experiences seeks to draw children’s current knowledge, understanding, interests and language capabilities with the aims of extending and deepening them. It is a collaborative approach between the teacher and the learners that does not necessarily place an emphasis on a performance-based outcome. Instead, the use of drama-in-education enables children to practice life and social skills in a safe environment, helping them to develop an awareness of self and others through the characters in a narrative and thus, build perspective-taking skills.

The story narrative that was used in Camp Gratitude/ Camp Kindness not only help the children to learn the value(s) through the story characters and their situations, the process of analyzing the characters’ perspectives empowered the children to relate the text to self and the environment that they live in. It was heartening to see the children engaging in active discussions, sharing their personal opinions and listening to others’ points of views. Though the children were very conscious, to the point of anxious, when they had to present the story to their parents, we would like the parents to know that it was not meant to be a polished performance. Instead, we would like you to join us in applauding the children’s courage, appreciating their efforts and celebrating their learning individually and collectively!


We look forward to welcoming you and the children back in our subsequent series of activities organized by Blossom World!



Camp Gratitude 2019 (Children)

Camp Kindness 2019 (Children)