Put Down Your Books, and Let's Cook


Blossom World Society's very own culinary class “Put Down Your Books, and Let's Cook” has commenced. As the name suggests, it aims to engage youths by teaching them how to cook delicious meals.

The instructor is Chef Kevin Law, a young aspiring professional chef armed with skills acquired from different countries. He is passionate about sharing his cooking experience with us.

Other than sharing the ingredients needed to prepare the dish, he also touched on how certain foods came about. A good example would be the Fish Fillet with Cream Style Corn Sauce Rice. It is a classic Hong Kong dish that is borne out of convenience for Hong Kong blue collar workers who do not have the luxury of time to have a meal in their hectic work lives.

The cooking class introduces delicious food which is also easy and quick to prepare. This is highly relevant to us Singaporeans as our lives are somewhat similar to Hong Kongers.

Moreover, this culinary class has also become the platform for parents and their children to bond while cooking food as they had so much fun in the process.

Please stay tuned for more culinary classes.. so Put Down Your Books, and Let's Cook.

Join us to bring out the Chef in you!

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