Coastal Cleanup @ Sembawang Park


With each small step, we work towards a better and greener environment. On behalf of the entire team of Project C.P.R. and Blossom World Society, we want to thank every single one of the participants for attending to play your part in saving the environment. Special thanks to Rotary Engineering, Serangoon Secondary School, River Valley High and Informatics Academy.


Last Saturday, the Project C.P.R. team welcomed and hosted 64 Earth Loving Individuals at Sembawang Park making it one of the largest turn up for the monthly coastal cleanup conducted under the Project.

It was our first visit to Sembawang Park and we happy to be able to play our part in ensuring the cleanliness of the park for other users.

Joined by the students from Serangoon Secondary and children of some of the adult participants, we are thankful that they were able to join us in this activity and hopefully they took away some key lessons from the cleanup!

Apart from the Styrofoam pieces and microplastic bits washed ashore that is usually found, we picked up a lot of used bottles that is left behind by users of the beach. These bottles were left at the park and beach with leftover liquids inside. In order to recycle them, some of the friendly volunteers stayed behind to help us clean these bottles so that we can in turn recycle them properly.


We need to learn the right ways to recycle and cultivate these habits in order to play our part in improving the recycling rate here in Singapore!