IRONWILL Youth Camp 2017



Thank you for the enjoyable time we had together on 2 and 3 Dec! We hope that this camp has built up an iron-willed determination in you to overcome obstacles in life, develop yourself for the greater good in society, beyond personal achievements such as academic success.

Insecurities can creep in in any aspect and in any stage of our life, but remember: others do not inherently pose as obstacles for us; it is our insecurities which prevents us from speaking up and interacting naturally with them. We are our own barriers. The aim is to remove the barriers step by step. 

In Day 1, we learnt that power poses, when done for 2 minutes, can increase the testosterone hormone to increase our confidence immediately. Of course, this is just the first step that we can tap on. 

Striking our Power Pose!

Happiness comes from having good interpersonal relationships. In the camp, we also learnt the importance and ways of building a positive relationship bank to construct successful relationships with others.


Throwback to the day we spent learning together:

Day 1



Remember the lessons presented through skit by our facilitators – Jin Mu Shui Huo Tu? 



Whenever you lack confidence, remember there are steps you can take: 


1) Power Poses  2) Take initiatives- such as learning from the more capable, taking small steps like Google-ing for unknown information, is also a step forward. 

Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behaviour, and our behaviour can change our outcomes.
— Amy Cuddy


Day 2

Why does conflict arise? Is it really others who are in the wrong or did we not reflect on ourselves?
Quality of relationships has a huge impact on our health and happiness. In Day 2, we learnt about Relationship Bank Account (RBA)
Deposits to RBA include keeping promises, being loyal, listening, and doing small acts of kindness. 
Withdrawals include breaking promises, gossiping, being arrogant, set false hopes, keeping to yourself. 
The quality of our relationships depends on how many deposits and withdrawals we make in each account. Start depositing something positive to your RBA today to build and improve your relationship with others! 

You have started your deposit into your RBA since day 1.



Leather crafting to deposit into our RBA with our loved ones



Kudos to our youth programme in- charge for bringing the learning across through skits and games! Kudos to our facilitators for their humorous skit performance and enthusiasm in making this camp fun for you! 

People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.
— Dr. Thomas L. Garthwaite 

"Everyone views things from different perspective, communication is important Skit: showed that we should see our own faults." - 13years old


"Learning how to work together and embrace the difference in each other."  -  Ming En, 14 years old.


Our goal is to have the other party walk away from our action feeling positive, upbeat, and hopeful.


Do stay tuned for our updates and we look forward to having YOUths who have the passion to lead, serve and contribute back to society through voluntary work to join us in our upcoming events.