Teamwork makes the dream work

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Blossom Home Refresh was my first time taking up an active role in an organizing committee for Blossom World youth activities. Previously I only took part in observing how others conduct and execute other volunteering activities. As an overall in charge for this activity, I wasn't sure of it at first due to my school work and internship commitments, but the full time staffs of Blossom World provided me with their utmost support and assistance whenever I need, while constantly providing me with the latest updates of the planning. In addition to the other organizing committee volunteers, who also assist in the planning and operation matters, it made me realized that to fulfill something, being in a team helps to patch the shortcomings of any individuals and along with a common goal, nothing is unattainable.


I would also like to express my gratitude to the other volunteers who came and support the event, bringing warmth and cleanliness to the elderly in the neighbourhood. For without them, the event would not be successful. They also helped me in overcoming my nervousness at the start of the event while I was giving my first and only briefing. I didn't know how to continue right after the first 5 seconds of it, but noticing that all of them are fully-prepared for a meaningful cause, it gave me the will to push it right through. Thus, I managed to get back on track and complete the briefing without any hesitation.

Submitted by Chow Wei Yuan

Have a story of an act of kindness that touched you? Share with us! Let us work together to share the graciousness in our community and inspire more to give. Down the road, compassion will definitely be part of Singaporean’s 5 Cs.

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