Blossom Love Charity Gala Lunch 2017

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A very unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Singapore. How do we show our romantic gestures? It can come in the form of sharing the love through thoughtful gifts to those who really need it.


Last Sunday, 12 February 2017, Blossom World Society and Blossom Seeds held a successful “Blossom Love Lunch”, their second attempt in two years. It is done to spread traditional values closely knitted to our local cultures as well as to encourage the masses to spread love and kindness around. Youth volunteers are presented with the opportunity to experience interactions up close with the elderly to show their appreciation towards the care, concern and proper values bestowed upon them by the older generation. Not only are they not left out of the celebrations during the Chinese New Year period and the upcoming Valentine’s Day, they are also the life of the party during the event. Besides all that, numerous religious leaders in Singapore are also invited to witness and join in the joyous celebrations. It is truly a spectacle to behold as there are people of many age groups, race and religion getting together for a good cause. A happy cause.


We are honoured and grateful to have Mr. Heng Chee How as our Guest of Honour and our advisor Ms. Sim Ann as Special Guest, as well as the donations of many kind Samaritans, the guests who graced our event and the hard work of many volunteers for the past few months! Our gratitude goes out to everyone, let us continue our endeavours in making our society a more caring and gracious one. Thank you!

15 February 2017 Blossom Love.jpg