To all 2016 Flag Day volunteers


Hello Everyone!


21/5/2016 (April 15) is Vesak Day, BWS rejoices everyone who made good use of their time to do charitable work, and helped to raise operating funds for BWS. Public holidays could have been used for rest, but instead, all of you chose to brave the hot weather on the side of the road, the bus stops, MRT exits, and so on, advising people to do good. This include volunteers who faced difficulties with travel, those who needed a walking cane, those timid at heart but overcame their obstacles, those who brought their entire family, whether young or old, healthy or sick, everyone wore a sincere smile. In everyone, I observed the right values, filial piety, respectful towards teachers, patriotism, serving of the community, helpful towards people who need it, which are all messages of BWS. We are touched and grateful towards everyone who worked together to spread good seeds, and then letting the seeds blossom!


How can human beings improve themselves positively? The answer is to learn from the sages. When shall one start to learn? From a child alongside their parents. Once good habits like filial piety have been cultivated since childhood, when the child grows up and follows a teacher or superior, the child will learn from them and their experience properly. The child would be good at all types of interpersonal relationships, and lead a smooth-sailing life.


BWS has been established for eight years, it can go on till today, and achieve all that it has, only made possible by a group of like-minded individuals like you. We are thankful to have you! We also wish you happiness in every improvement you make spiritually and harvesting the fruits of your labour. 


Blossom World Society

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