Sungei Buloh Coastal Cleanup


Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! T.T Despite the shower and thunderstorm, our spirit remain high for the mangrove coastal cleanup and 30 of us collected a total of 48kg of litter just along the small stretch of coastline along Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.


Don’t be deceived by the looks. Our coasts may look as though it is just polluted by a few litter from a far, but the moment we walked onto the sand, we were shocked and surprised. The entire coat is littered with bits and pieces of plastics and styrofoam and they were covering our coast! And we really mean, literally, covering the coasts.


It frightens me that those chemicals that leach out of these plastic will seep into the water that we drink from and into the soil that our crops grow. (It is like indirectly poisoning ourselves!) Little birds and marine life were sacrificed as they mistakenly consumed these little plastic, as jelly fishes, worms or other food.

It’s time we think seriously about the 3Rs, our lifestyle and our environment. It’s a serious matter and this trip showed us how much harm we are doing to the environment, other creatures and indirectly doing to ourselves. Start caring about the ecosystem that mankind depends heavily on and do our part to protect our environment.  It was a meaningful day, and we hope to see you join us again next time!