Blossom Love Charity Gala Lunch 2016


More than 1,000 people celebrated Valentine's Day and the seventh day of the Chinese New Year ("Re ri" or the birthday of mankind) over lunch at the Ban Heng Restaurant in HarbourFront Centre yesterday irrespective of race and region.  The Blossom Love Charity Gala Lunch, organized by non-profit organisations Blossoms Seeds and Blossom World Society received more than 200 needy elderly and along with young volunteers spent a special Valentine Day.

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Ms Sim Ann, adviser to Blossom World Society (Senior Minister of State (Finance, and Culture, Community and Youth) send her blessings and wishes everyone happy birthday. Apart from sharing her consultancy experience with Blossom World Society, she also affirms our Society's succession efforts to carry forward the traditional culture and values, as well as training young people dedicated to social service.  She is very happy to be the Adviser of Blossom World Society and the plan forward is to work together to inject vibrant young people in Toh Yi constituency to serve the residents of the area, promote three-tier generations under one roof and to create a happy family atmosphere. Ms Sim Ann shares one common goal, that is, to set up a after-school study corner, to provide young students with a place for study. Through the generous donation of Bukit Timah group of enthusiastic well-wishers towards this charitable cause, she has now helped raised $65,000 in donations. Ms Sim Ann hopes Blossom World Society will soon apply for IPC, in order to be self-sustainable in fund-raising, recruit volunteers and attract more young people to join, in order to continue to strive for the success of our future generation of the country.


Senior Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Mr Heng Chee How, who was the Guest of Honour shares his encounters on the past joint event of Whampoa Constituency and Blossoms Seeds, and acknowledges Blossom Seeds's efforts to serve the community.  He also look forward for more cooperation projects for the benefits of residents and more importantly, he hopes that young generation not only being filial to their elders at home but will also make a contribution to the community, so that Singapore can be prepared for the aging population problem. He wishes everyone best in academic and everything.

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