Endorsement of Blossom World Society’s Programmes by our Honorary Advisor, Ms Sim Ann.


Interviewer: Why do you choose to work with Blossom World Society?

Ms Sim Ann: I find that Blossom World Society has a very good approach to the promotion of traditional values in society. I find that it takes a very youth centric approach, it focuses on the needs of young Singaporeans. But at the same time, it also uses both English and Mandarin in it's activities. I find that the programmes are very well thought through, very well organized and I have hopes that this approach will prove very successful for young Singaporeans and promote greater community bonding and a stronger society.

Interviewer: Thank you, and with the opening of Blossom Youth Centre today, how did this whole youth centre idea conceptualize?

Ms Sim Ann: I would say that the Blossom Youth Centre fills a very important gap in our communities services for the Toh Yi area. We have services catering to the very young, as well as adult and older residents. But for youth oriented services, we really need to step up and having met Blossom World Society and having understood that it has a very strong outreach and youth development programme, I felt that it was a very good match and indeed in the years to come I am confident that our residents as well as our Blossom World volunteers will find that it's a very good partnership.

Interviewer: So today, after touring the youth centre, how do you feel about it?

Ms Sim Ann: I think that the youth centre has a very comfortable, very homely feel about it and I'm sure that many of our youngsters and students who drop in at the centre will feel very much at ease. I have every hope that it will become a much l loved land mark on the Toh Yi community.

Interviewer: Thank you and do you have any words of encouragement for the youth volunteers?

Ms Sim Ann: For our youth volunteers, I have been watching your programmes grow, I have been watching your activities develop and I think that there is nothing more encouraging than to see generation after generation of young volunteers blossom into adult volunteers into people who continue giving back and who will help shape and mould our society for the future. Keep up the great work.

Interviewer: Thanks a lot and thank you.

BWSEndorsement, Ms Sim Ann