2016 IRONWILL Youth Camp


Can you still feel the joy, fun and excitement within you?…here are some wonderful memories to look back on. 


The camp focuses greatly on the importance of teamwork. The symbol of wifi shown on the handbook reminds us of the importance of connecting with people. When we make meaningful connections by accepting, understanding, encouraging each other, we can form a great team and with a collective effort, we can make a significant difference.

I sincerely hope that each and everyone of you can find the strength, courage, positivity together with an IRONWILL to overcome challenges that you will face in life!

For the year 2016, the organizing committee spent months and months planning for this Tribal themed camp: Saving Aghra, a pilot launched in the hope of creating something different for the campers... It's a major break through in The IronWill camp's young history as it is the first-ever time the committee designed storyline-led theme to encapsulate learning objectives and the contents of the camp, providing a fun and unique learning experience. Thank you guys for the wonderful effort!

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