IRONWILL Youth Camp 2018


To provide campers with a more holistic and hands on adventure, the fifth instalment of Ironwill was held at Camp Challenge. With the wide array of facilities and activities available, campers were treated to new and exciting challenges as embarked on our first ever outdoor camp.


The camp started off with some light ice breaking games followed by the making of the team flag. Afterwards, we got our first look at the amazing facilities as campers tried their hands as several low element obstacles. What a way to bond with your teammates and have fun at the same time!

The blazing afternoon was spent indoors doing a little arts and craft with the theme being ‘Superheroes’! There were many interesting designs. Dinner came, and the campers were treated to a scrumptious BUFFET FEAST. Seriously, where else do they treat you this good?

What is a camp without some night activities? After dinner, the campers went on an exhilarating night trail around the camp site. Sure, it was scary, but when together, there is nothing the campers cannot overcome!


After such an eventful day, there is surely a lot that the campers are grateful for. They rounded up their first day with some gratitude card writing to express their thanks to any friends and facilitators who have helped them that day. Through this activity, campers were introduced to our Happy Formula - Observe + Appreciate, where they focus their attention on the good that those around them have done.

Day two began bright and early. After a quick breakfast, it was time for the main highlight of this camp - the high elements! Everyone enjoyed themselves and some were one step closer to conquering their fears.


For the second half of day 2, the campers participated in a series of mini-games. Simple as the games may be, it was still really enjoyable!

After two full days of fun and laughter, it was time to say good bye. Hope everyone had fun and see you again this year!

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