Cycle & Connect


On the 12th of May, our very first batch of youth leaders from our Blossom Youth Development Programme (BYDP) organised their first ever event from scratch. From the sourcing of location and participants to the execution on the D-day, it was a challenge with multiple hiccups in the process. Nevertheless, we were deeply heartened by the smiles of the participants as they enjoyed the cycle along the scenic Punggol waters.


The whole aim of the event was to provide an opportunity for youths of different backgrounds to come together and expand their social circle while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Admittedly, this event cannot be compared to other large scale commercial sports events. However, to us it was a successful event. We are thankful to this group of volunteers who are busy with their own commitments and yet managed to come together for over half a year of planning, culminating in the execution of the event. Throughout the whole planning process and the actual execution of the event, our youth leaders better understood the various roles in an organising committee and the minute details of event operations. After all, BYDP aims to equip our youth leaders with the skills and knowledge to organise, run and manage events, honing their leadership, communication and people management skills.

With the completion of this event, it spurred and inspired me to want to do more enriching and meaningful events for the youth
— by Yue Min, Organising Committee Member

Last but not least, the organising committee extends their deepest gratitude to all the volunteers and participants who made the event possible. It was definitely heart-warming to witness 100 over people donning the event t-shirt, brightening up the landscape of Punggol park connectors. The happy faces and positive feedback bears testament to the effort put into place to organise and execute this event. Beyond just an event, it was a good learning experience for our youth leaders. Do continue to look forward to more events organised by our youth leaders! We look forward to seeing you soon again.