Blossom Children Speech and Drama Camp

Presents to you The Tale of the Fisherman and the Flounder

Presents to you The Tale of the Fisherman and the Flounder

The Speech and Drama camp commenced with an ice breaking game amidst a atmosphere filled with an abundance of laughter. Throughout the camp, there was a fine display of imagination from the children as they came up with their own extension of the tale, adding numerous unexpected twists towards the end. In preparation for their performances, they also tapped into their creativity to create their own props from scratch using the limited resources available to them.

The Speech and Drama camp brought out the natural self and ability of the children, inspiring positive thinking, improving self-confidence, expressive and linguistic ability. In the process, they learnt how to communicate with others, to adopt the viewpoints of others and to work effectively in a team. Before the end of the camp, the children gave a mini performance in front of their parents to display how much they had learnt during the course of the camp. Their parents were astonished at the level of confidence in their display and self-expression in this impromptu performance. Finally, the exciting Speech and Drama camp drew to a grand closure amidst the applause from parents.




戏剧营活动启动了孩子的本能与天性,萌发孩子正向思考,提升孩子的自信心、表达及语言能力,过程中学到了人我的互动、换位思考及团队的合作精神。 营队结束前,孩子为家长做了小型的汇报演出,家长都惊讶孩子在一天的学习中能即兴发挥和自信的表达自己,生动有趣的戏剧营就在家长的掌声中园满的结束。

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