Generation gap? Youth got it covered


Make a difference in our own way- on the 23rd March, a group of 70 youth volunteers from interracial inter-religious will spread their warmth and happiness to 100 seniors for an intergenerational event called “Happy 3 Gen Fusion” that involves activities and lunch.

They underwent a pre-event workshop of activities to align their intentions and to bond amongst themselves. More importantly, volunteers were educated in the important values of care for community and knowledge of issue, ways to interact with seniors, and event organization skills to empower them to make a greater difference to the seniors and beyond. Being the pillars of our society, we hope that the experience and skills provided to these youths will encourage them to spread the positivity and happiness beyond just this event.

The steering community of this project, Ms Patricia, age 30, has been with Blossom World Society for over 10years. She believes in transforming lives of sadness to happiness, darkness to shining light.

Patricia strongly believes that we all have a part to play to show our care to seniors, especially to those who are single and living alone by keeping them mentally and physically active to fight dementia and chronic diseases. This journey to bring warmth and happiness starts from parents, siblings, slowly extending to colleagues, friends, society and the world. True happiness derives from seeing and giving happiness to others as well as helping others to overcome their obstacles in life. If we treat everyone like friends by interacting with them in exactly the way we do with our friends, they will surely receive all the warmth in this world.


Hence, the group up initiative “Happy 3 Gen Fusion” from Blossom World Youths was created to provide a platform to form social connections that address emotional needs of our seniors, while promoting self-care and positivity in them.

Happy 3 Gen Fusion (H3GF).JPG

During the actual event, these youth volunteers will accompany the seniors for lunch, and also interact and participate in activities with them. This is an unusual lunch with seniors! Blossom World Society will also prepare goodie bags for the seniors. The main focus is not on material needs, but on the exchange between youth volunteers and seniors, as well as imparting knowledge to seniors on ways of active ageing. We will have 1 youth volunteer serving 2 seniors.


Everyone can influence and impact in our own way. Here, we made the decision for a positive influence on our seniors and volunteers. This event is jointly organized by Blossom World Society and Central CDC, with the event venue sponsored by Koufu.

If you have the passion to lead, serve and contribute back to society through voluntary work, and are between the ages of 13 and 35, embark now on the Blossom Youth Development Path. Click here to find out more.