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营队第一天,年青的关怀老师带动活力暖身操为营队掀开序幕。接着一出发人省思的戏剧“免费的账单”帮助孩子认识母亲怀胎十月的辛苦, 并回顾父母养育我们的爱与付出。孩子通过多姿多彩、生动有趣的教学方法, 如视频观赏、游戏、午蹈、体验活动, 学习圣贤智慧孝悌的内涵, 从中体会父母恩情海洋深,手足之间同心的重要。我们也特别安排专人教导孩子认识自己的情绪,知道用正确的方法表达、抒压。

第二天的活动,是孩子们最期待的体验之旅, 包含“Escape room“和动手制作站。孩子学习聆听、从不同角度看事情、凡事正面思维、代人着想和团队精神。最后, 心怀感恩的为父母制作三文治和泡泡茶, 还准备了ㄧ张感恩卡。

活动的尾声,是亲子联欢活动,孩子在这不一样的生日派对,兴奋的为父母奉上亲手制作的茶与三文治, 感恩父母生养之恩。小小的举动却饱含孩子的纯真与诚意, 令父母感动落泪。

一个不一样的生日派对促进了亲子之情, 拉近了心的距离,父母与孩子带着满意尽兴的笑容ㄧ起回家。导师、关怀员与义工们也满心欢喜, 承办ㄧ个儿童营虽然辛苦, 但值得, 因为这两天为自他创造了生命的意义, 知恩念恩报恩!

喜悦园每年还会在年底学校假期举办儿童假日营, 寓教于乐, 营造一个快乐的学习环境, 让孩子熏杂圣贤智慧, 建立正确价值观, 并身体力行。

感恩家长和义工们同心同愿散播善的种子, 让善的种子萌芽!


Before the end of the School Holidays in June, a group of lively children attended the Blossom Children Garden at Blossom World Society. They invited their parents to a celebration filled with gratitude and a heartwarming atmosphere. It was a truly special birthday party!


On the first day, the camp kicked off to a start with a lively warmup exercise session by the befrienders. This was followed by a thought-provoking skit which showed the children the hardships which all mothers go through during 10 months of pregnancy. It also allowed us to reflect on the love which their parents had showered on us throughout our formative years. After going through such dynamic and interesting activities which consist of watching videos, playing games, dancing, experiential activities as well as learning filial piety from the wise sages, the children are able to understand the importance of what their parents have done for them. In addition, we also arranged for a professional to guide the children on the ways to recognize the emotions within them and learn the proper methods to express them and reduce their stress levels.


On the second day, the children went through an experiential journey which consist of “Escape Room” and hands-on activities which are the most anticipated sections of the camp. They learnt how to listen effectively, view things from different perspectives as well as to putting themselves in others’ shoes as well as team spirit. Out of gratitude, they made sandwiches, bubble tea and a card of gratitude for their parents.


The final part of the experiential journey consists of an interaction session between parents and children. The children served their parents the sandwiches and bubble tea made by them as a form of gratitude for raising them up since birth. These actions, albeit small, are filled with immense sincerity which moved the parents to tears.


This truly special birthday party deepened the bond between parents and children tremendously and they headed home with satisfied smiles. Despite experiencing fatigue at the end of the event, the teachers, befrienders and the rest of the volunteers are filled with a lot of joy of being part of such a meaningful activity which allowed others to show gratitude towards people who have shown a lot of care and concern for us.

The Blossom Children Garden series will return during the December School holidays in the form of the annual Children’s Holiday Camp as we continue to provide a joyous learning environment for children to learn from the wise, establish proper moral values and put them into real practice.


Thank you to all parents and volunteers in our journey to sow the seeds of kindness together for kindness to blossom.

Until then, see you!

Blossom Seedlings DiZiGui Camp

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