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Blossom Home Refresh made an appearance again on 15 June 2019, Saturday, in the western part of Singapore for the very first time.

Blossom Home Refresh

This time, 100 youth volunteers of different faiths and races took up the challenge to freshen up the homes of elderly residents of Blocks 177, 178 and 179 Boon Lay Drive by performing actions ranging from cleaning to painting or a combination of both.

We are also delighted that through this meaningful event, beautiful friendships have been forged between the different generations and races. This has certainly brought us closer as a community and building a more cohesive and gracious society which Blossom World Society hopes to achieve.

It was certainly not an easy feat for the youth volunteers as there are a lot of technical, psychological and physiological factors to overcome. Some might not know how to paint, some were not exposed to a low hygiene environments. This was a brand new experience for some youth volunteers.

Observations from our youth volunteer, Kelvin:

“Kinda saddens me to see some of the elderly living conditions. Poor lighting, ventilation, cramp etc. I see multiple families doing their grocery or work at the entrance of the house because that’s where it is the brightest, I also went to one apartment where one whole family live there in such tight living conditions.”

20190523_102413 copy-- 2019 home refresh.jpg

Despite facing these daunting challenges, they did a great job! We saw many homes which were given a new look, a new lease of life, and of course, the happiness on the faces of beneficiaries. It was a huge contrast from what was observed earlier at the beginning of the event.

Here’s a feedback from Mr Goh, one of the Home Refresh beneficiary:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the youth volunteers for their hard work they have put in. I don’t know what else to add in anymore. Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you.”

Message from Mr Singh, our Home Refresh beneficiary

Once again, we would like to thank our volunteers from NP Leo Club, SP Rugby Club, Schneider Electric, T&S Engineering Construction Pte Ltd and Boon Lay IRCC for their utmost participation in bringing happiness to the beneficiaries.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Not forgetting our sponsors, Schneider Electric and T & S Engineering Construction Pte Ltd. Our partners IRCC SG and SG Cares for our Blossom Home Refresh, 15 June 2019 joint event with NTUC Health SilverACE (Boon Lay) for all the support.

T & S Engineering Construction Pte Ltd

T & S Engineering Construction Pte Ltd

Blossom Home Refresh - June 2019

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