2D1N Youth Leaders Development Camp (Batch 4)


Thank you to all attendees and volunteers that attended and helped out in the Blossom Youth Leaders’ Development Programme Camp! 


On the 29th December, Blossom World Society (BWS) held this 2-day-1-night youth leaders’ development camp at Blossom Youth Centre. Participants gathered early in the morning and engaged in simple games to get to know one another as a form of introduction. All of the attendees were then welcomed and address by BWS CEO, Mr Ang Choon Tee. Shortly after, the bulk of the youth development programs for Day 1 began! 

Courtesy of Mr Martin Tang, participants sat through a tailored course that included the DISC personality profiling model, effective personal leadership skills, and the necessary knowledge of event management. This allowed them to not only better understand themselves, they were also able to learn valuable insights into becoming better event organizers and leaders. The lessons were followed by a short presentation of our BWS signature insight the Happy Formula (Patent pending :D) by one of our youth volunteers, Yuling. 

The commencement of Day 2 began with the direct application of the skills and knowledge garnered from Day 1. Participants were grouped up and given the task to brainstorm ideas and construct their own volunteering project. Eager and excited to put what they have learnt to the test, participants came up with bright and fresh ideas of their own.


Before the end of the camp, participants were given 3 different projects to choose from and was assigned to each project according to their preferences. They were able to express their utmost concerns for the society through each project of their choice. Each participant was provided with a certificate of completion and enthusiastically await for the next event where they can play a part in giving back to the society.


Congrats to our proud graduates of the 2D1N Youth Leaders Development Camp and are now the BW Youth Leaders Batch 4.  Stay tuned for more details on their upcoming plan in enriching life with values.

If you have the passion to lead, serve and contribute back to society through voluntary work, and are between the ages of 13 and 35, embark now on the Blossom Youth Development Path. Click here to find out more.