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In the journey of Building Character, Nurturing Kindness with the mission of empowering individuals with knowledge and skills, to lead and serve.

We would like to say thank you for being by my side in inspiring the young generation.

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Heartfelt Gratitude from our Co-Founder, Ms Jennifer Goh: 

Blossom World began with a belief. A belief that life is to be kind and living gratefully. A belief that we must set the motion of our values in our journey that uncovers gratitude, build character and nurture kindness, in order for our youth of today to rise up to be effective leaders of tomorrow. 

Over the years, Blossom World has mentored and journeyed with thousands of children, youth and volunteers. Beyond the immediate realizations of academic success, many of the youth volunteered have gone on to navigate their journeys with a greater sense of mindfulness and a stronger sense of character. 

I recalled when I first started Blossom World Society was full of challenges. We have to gather and borrow resources from our family and friends. Our volunteers also helped us to build a temporary stage from plywood, we wrote our own scripts about filial piety, kindness and graciousness. We also researched and designed our own children text book and happy journal booklet.  Amongst many events, our signature event is tea-serving ceremony for children and youths to express their gratitude to their elders and to preserve our traditional values. Our volunteers are very creative in designing and setting up a conducive atmosphere for events that were being organized.

At Blossom World, we take delight in the achievements of our volunteers’ attainment, we also find our greatest joy in the character building initiatives that are being lead.  Through our belief in them, Blossom World is where volunteers’ lives will be empowered, so that YOUR influence may in turn be multiplied.

Sincere Gratitude

Jennifer Goh


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Our 10 years’ journey of Building Character and Nurturing Kindness will not be smooth without you believing in us and your constant support in volunteering and support rendered to us in all our events.

Below is our video of our 10 years’ milestone that we have achieved. Awarded with IPC status, having a Youth Centre and increasing youths volunteering with us.

It's a joyous Sunday celebrating together with our dedicated volunteers and board members, dancing, singing, eating, tingling, mingling together. Scroll down for more!

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Blossom Blossom All Around, Celebrate Together All Year Round!

BWS values have since been evolved to little ambassadors as a representation of BWS core values. This is to create delight and joy in spreading these values far and wide when benefitting the participants and underprivileged.

Please email us at if you would like to purchase.

Please email us at if you would like to purchase.

Do stay tuned for our updates and we look forward to have YOUths who have the passion to lead, serve and contribute back to society through voluntary work to join us in our upcoming events / sponsor a campaign.