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Volunteer Recruitment for Plastic-less July

Plastic-less July “PLJ” Exhibition

is a youth initiative C.P.R. (Commence Plastic Reduction) project by Blossom World Society. It is scheduled to be held on 20-21 July 2019 in Westgate courtyard. This 2-day awareness exhibition aims to raise awareness to the public and institutes on the adverse effects of excessive use of single-use plastics and improper disposal of plastic wastes. Highlights of the event include massive whale sculpture that showcases some of the direct harm of plastic waste on the environment. There will be a prize-giving presentation on eco-theme public speaking and videography competition on the first day of the carnival, 20th July 2019.

Volunteer roles as listed below:

  • Usher

  • Stage Crew

  • Receptionist

  • Safety Officer

  • Logistics

  • Volunteer Welfare

  • Photographers

  • Upcycling Booth

  • Exhibition Guides

  • Interactive Station Masters

  • Whale Master

Date of choice :

  • 20th July (Saturday)

  • 21st July (Sunday)

  • Both days

Please note that we will do our best to accommodate your choice of preference for the volunteer role(s) but it is not guaranteed upon your registration. We will contact you for the final confirmation of your volunteering role(s).