The Unsung Heroes


Kindness is the universal language that transcends age, religion and nationality. It is truly humbling and heartening to witness volunteers from different backgrounds, different ages and different physical conditions coming together for a common cause – to spread kindness. There was this Grandma at Woodlands Station; her eyesight is not very good in the first place. Station volunteers even had to hold her hand when she signed in and out of the donation tins. Despite these ‘obstacles’, she still put on her beautiful smile and participated in the Flag Day fundraising. Her determination in collecting donations was highly admirable. She stayed throughout from as early as 8 am in the morning till 6 pm in the evening. Filling one donation tin was insufficient for her, she even signed out a second one! If she is able to be so dedicated to spread kindness, why can’t we? She is really an inspiration to me and motivates me to contribute more while I still have the physical ability to do so. I truly hope those that are reading this will be inspired by her like how I was. Kindness is free so why be stingy with it?


Have a story of an act of kindness that touched you? Share with us! Let us work together to share the graciousness in our community and inspire more to give. Down the road, compassion will definitely be part of Singaporean’s 5 Cs.

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