From a follower to a leader


This is the first time I’ve been tasked with a decision-making role at BWS. Previously I was only following instructions or befriending. However, this time I am the one preparing the instructions and information. All the information and instructions for this cycling event were made from scratch with no template or reference from previous projects. This is an entirely new project and was not done by BWS before. However, advice and support were provided by BWS to ensure that the team was on the right track (indemnity forms, insurance, licensing etc). The rest (games, route, marketing collaterals etc) were wholly up to the team to create and innovate.


This kind of initiative is purposeful as it is tailored to meet specific needs of the youth community by the youth. I am honoured to have been part of such initiative. This is because, this event gave me experiences that can not be found outside; in school or at work. Experiences include suggesting our own fresh ideas instead of replicating/reusing previous ideas/projects. Working with people from different age groups and professions. This is only made possible with a flexible and forward-looking organisation; Blossom World Society. BWS assisted this event with advice and opinions from their experiences in event planning. They provided advice without shooting down the team’s idea down, and this is very motivating to a new and inexperienced youth volunteer team.


I am thankful and grateful to BWS for this opportunity to create an event for the youth, by the youth with a meaningful purpose. This experience had a really steep learning curve as none of us are professional or have much knowledge on creating an event from scratch. We are volunteers, so our time and priority were not fully placed at BWS or this event. Hence, it was not the most complete or well-planned event in my honest opinion. However, the main objective of forming this team to plan an event is so our society will have more youths who care about humanity and puts in an effort to engage with the public by doing positive things. This is why I think despite it not being the most wholesome event, it was a fruitful and meaningful experience for everyone, including the volunteers and participants. All in all, it was enjoyed by everyone who was part of the event hence a positive closure to this cycling project.


With the completion of this event, it spurred and inspired me to want to do more enriching and meaningful events/activities for the youth. By benefiting others, I have also benefited myself. Once again, I am thankful and grateful for this opportunity as I have made lots of good memories and friendships through this project. 🥂 to more meaningful projects for the youth, by the youth!

Submitted by Lua Yue Min

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