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Cycle & Connect - Blossom World Society

I am really glad that I was part of the committee for this Cycle and Connect event as I have learnt many valuable experience. From forming the team, to initiating the idea, to planning and executing. Without dedicated staffs and volunteers, this event would not have been possible. And without Blossom World Society, I would not have the opportunity to expose myself to an actual event planning and execution.

With my role as the finance controller, I deal mostly with the sponsorship and expenses. Coming out with the price tag for the event was the most interesting episode where I learnt that we should not underestimate ourselves and doing market research is important. Working on sponsorship is also the most challenging part of this role as we really have to think about the event’s X-factor which will attract sponsors and what can we do in return for them.

On the actual day, as this was the first time we are planning for a cycling event, we faced many hiccups and understand that there is always more room for improvement. The team did not give up and we fought through together to make this event a success. We saw many happy faces and positive feedback from participants, making all these planning all worthwhile. 

Of all projects I have planned, this is one of the most difficult project to plan as there are many restrictions due to licensing with the government bodies. Timeline is not as predictable as we have to engage many external stakeholders that are out of our control.

Submitted by Lim Yan Xin

Cycle and Connect - Blossom World Society

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