A joyous experience


In the morning, I was still a little worried about what is going to happen during the event (Happy 3 Gen Fusion), so I just thought of the main purpose which is to serve and meet the needs of the elderly and make them happy. Throughout the event I started to loosen up, and was genuinely happy. When the elderly were leaving they were so happy and kept thanking us and they were smiling. They also showed their care and concern for us by telling us to get adequate rest and to take our meals on time. There were some elderly who understood what it takes to be a volunteer so I asked them for feedback on the event? Was it good? Will they come back for this event if it is still being held next year? Their response was a yes and they would want to come back! Seeing them happy, makes me forget all the past worries and useless thoughts of myself and it really warms my heart. The interaction, touch and smile from them is something precious! And then we have the volunteers, BWS members who were really nice people and gave me lots of encouragement as I think that one of the staff thought that I’m busy and seemed tired.

If we have faith, everything will succeed. Always keep the faith!

Also, I am really happy to be complimented and thanked for the poster and banner design. It means a lot to me because I lack confidence and think that what I have done was very minor. However the result was great as it looks nice and it is used as a backdrop to take photos while also doubling up as a poster which provides directions to the venue. I think I learnt how to change my perspective in certain situations like this to have more confidence in my design and myself.

If there is another of such events, I would definitely want to participate again as joining BWS provides a totally different feel from my past volunteering experience when I was just a befriender. At BWS there is so much to learn behind the scenes in the preparation of an event and so much work has to be done in order to have a successful event. I think the purpose of us being in BWS is to become someone who has a role to play to make an event possible, teaching us how to show our love, appreciation, contribution, support by going through such processes to build up the perseverance in us, to not give up when the going gets tough. Ultimately, we will be rewarded with the fruits of our labour.

Submitted by Mandy Yang


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